Fight, Struggle, and Survive

Luminous Plume is a 2D action role-playing game set on the continent of Celis, a vast land inhabited by both humans and monster-like creatures called “brutes”.

Take control of the young swordsman Raven and clash against enemies in fast-paced, real-time action inspired by the likes of the Ys and Tales of series. Equipped with an arsenal of versatile combat techniques and special abilities, you’ll learn new skills as you grow stronger, collect mysterious artifacts that can alter your powers, and battle in the world’s beautifully-crafted, colorful environments.

A Story of Those Left Behind

For many years, the people of Celis waged war against four beings of destruction known as the Harbingers of Calamity. In a clash between Raven and the man controlling them, Alvis, Raven emerges victorious, and the threat of the Calamities comes to a sudden halt.

However, the burden of a “Hero” is that of responsibility: in Alvis’s death, there would surely be those who wished to avenge him.

Unable to shoulder that burden, Raven fakes his own death, leaving people to believe that both the mastermind behind the Calamities and the person who stopped them were both killed in a fight to the death.

Two years later.

Raven discovers the dormant body of a Calamity underneath the city’s arena. He knows not how it got there—only that he cannot allow it to ravage the lands once more.

But to defeat the Calamities and overcome those who would stand in his way, Raven must learn to face both the consequences of his actions, and the weakness in his heart.